Journal of Experimental and Clinical Anatomy

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Adiposity Patterns In Adolescents Of Southeastern Nigeria Based On Their Body Index

CIP Anibeze, AOC Akpa, A Eteudo, LC Anyanwu


Anthropometrical data related to weight and heights were generated from 857 adolescents from Southeastern Nigeria. Using standard statistical packages, adiposity patterns were analyzed by delineation of the Body Mass Index (BMI = kg/m2) according to the method of WHO (1995). Result showed that 82.5% of the sample population had normal weight, 17.5% were overweight while 1.65% were obsessed. Generally, females showed a higher tendency to obesity than males. The implication of the result for the population under study was discussed.

KEY WORDS: Adiposity patterns, Adolescents, Southeastern Nigeria.

J.Expt. & Clin. Anat. 2(1) 2003: 21-23
AJOL African Journals Online