Journal of Experimental and Clinical Anatomy

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Left Fronto - Ethmoidal Sinusitis Complicated By A Contralateral Subdural Abscess - A Case Report

EAE Afiadigwe, JKC Emejulu, TOG Chukwuanukwu


Subdural abscess although very rare is one of the most frequently encountered intracranial complication of sinusitis.A case of contralateral subdural abscess is most unusual. This paper reports the management of a 14 year old male that presented with a left frontoethmoidal sinusitis complicated by a right subdural abscess. The patient recovered fully after a left fronto-ethmoidectomy and right Burr hole drainage of subdural abscess at same anaesthetic session by the ENT and Neurosurgery team respectively. Timely intervention and the benefit of multidisciplinary approach are highlighted and the use of enhanced Computerized Tomography is sine qua non to optimal treatment:
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