The relationship between students' perception of parental involvement in their education and academic achievement in Jos South local government area

  • HC Mandieng
  • LA Danga


The study examined the relationship between students' perception of parental involvement in their education and academic achievement in Jos- South LGA. The correlational research design was used in which a sample of 260 students completed a self-report instrument titled Students Perception of Parental Involvement in Education Questionnaire (SPOPIIEQ) plus students' academic scores of the previous term. The results indicate that students are at the midpoint of their perception regarding parental involvement in their education. A significant relationship was discovered between students' perception of parental involvement and their academic achievement. This simply means that the more a student believes his or her parents are involved in his or her education, the higher the academic achievement. Therefore, it was recommended that parents should partner with the school and provide their children with basic school materials, pay their fees promptly and regularly check their academic work. 


Journal Identifiers

print ISSN: 1119-9210