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Effectiveness of mindfulness technique in enhancing creative performance of secondary school teachers in South-west Nigeria

R.C. Agokei


The study experimentally investigated the effectiveness of mindfulness technique in enhancing teacher creative performance among secondary school teachers in South-West Nigeria. Self-efficacy was used as a moderating  variable. The pretest-posttest control group experimental design with a 2x2 factorial matrix was used. Two valid and reliable instruments were used to assess required data from 63 teachers from two randomly selected states (Ondo and Osun State) in South-West Nigeria. The selected participants were randomly assigned to experimental and control conditions. Three hypotheses were tested at 0.05 level of significance. Using ANCOVA, the treatment package was found to be effective in fostering teacher creative performance among the participants. Implications of the findings for implementing a dynamic based teacher training curriculum and programme targeting creative
performance were discussed.

Keywords: Mindfulness, Self-efficacy, Creative performance, Teachers

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