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Comparison of stakeholders' perceptions of funding of public secondary schools in Northwest Geopolitical Zone in Nigeria

Hauwa Bala, Olubunmi Samson Olomola


Funding of public schools in Nigeria and the management styles attached to the funding is an important educational matter. This study seeks to find out the opinion of stakeholders regarding funding of public secondary schools. The study purposively selected four of seven states in the northwest  geopolitical region. Ten percent of the population was used for a total number of 1,225 respondents. A questionnaire tagged Questionnaire on Funding of Public  Secondary Schools (QFPS) was used to elicit responses. Descriptive statistics involving frequency counts, means and standard deviations were used to analyze their responses while analysis of variance was employed to treat the hypothesis which sought to find a significance difference in the opinion of respondents on the funding situation in public secondary schools in the zone. The findings revealed that there is no significant difference on their opinion which states that funding of schools in the zone is not encouraging.

Keywords: Perception, Stakeholder, Northwest, Funding

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