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Influence of environmental factors on fish production in Ogun-State, Nigeria.

O.A. Adeokun
A. Agbelemoge


The study investigated environmental factors influencing fish farming in Ijebu - Ode Local Government Area (LGA) of Ogun-state, Nigeria. Data were obtained from 50 respondents selected from 10 ponds in the area of study. Respondents were selected for the study using random sampling technique while the ponds observed for the study were purposively selected based on pronounced fisheries activities there. Information was received from the respondents through structured interview schedule which was earlier subjected to face validity and reliability tests (r =0.83). The results revealed that environmental factors affecting fish farming in the area of study included climatic factors (85%); nature of bottom soil (80%),water medium factors; feed and feeding procedure (60%); stocking of pond (24%), nature of physical environment (36%) and cultural environment (84%). The Chi-square test of relationship between demographic characteristics and perception of environmental factors revealed significant relationship between χ2 = 16; p<0.05). Marital status and age gave no significant relationship (Age χ2 = 8.40, p> 0.05; Marital Status χ2 = 10.32; p>0.05).

[JEXT Vol.3 2002: 69-75]

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eISSN: 1595-5125