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Perception of the role of mass media in environmental conservation: case study of some media houses in Oyo State

M.O. Ojo
S.S. Kadri


The environment in which we live in is becoming degraded at an alarming rate. This is occasioned by a number of factors such as population explosion, urbanization, deforestation, bush burning etc. There is therefore the need for its conservation if it must sustain livelihood. Appropriate intervention to conserve the environment could be effectively initiated by the use of mass media for public awareness and involvement.

This paper focuses on the role of mass media in environmental conservation. Six media houses were randomly selected within Ibadan metropolis. Structured questionnaire were administered to assess the impact of the selected media houses on environmental conservation. It was discovered that media houses in Oyo State took to putting on it slogans, jingles and publishing articles on the environment. Illiteracy and ignorance on the part of the people concerned was discovered to be the major problem encountered by the media houses in their effort at conserving the environment.

It is recommended that media houses should improve upon their information unit to complement their role. Government should implement policies on environmental conservation and offenders must be punished. NGO's should be more involved and encouraged to assist in environmental.

[JEXT Vol.2(1) 2001: 95-101]

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