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Analysis of changes in cropping systems of farmers in Iseyin Local Government Area, Oyo State

T.O. Yekinni, L.A. Akinbile, T.O. Banmeke


This study considered the changes that have taken place in farmers cropping system over time. The changes were consequences of alternations in the environment's soil-vegetation-climate balance resulting from their exploitations. Data was gathered with structured questionnaires form 80 farmers in Iseyin Local Government Area of Oyo State.

It was discovered that changes have occurred in areas of management practices used by farmers (i.e. use of organic fertilizer, adoption of agroforestry practices, use of shifting cultivation and crop rotation as well as the intensified planting leguminous crops), crops cultivated by farmers (cassava, tomato, cowpea, and melon), while farmers have also had to adjust the crop combination adopted over time.

The implication is that the changes must be taken in to consideration in designing sustainable agricultural system, while efforts are made to reduce the negative effects on the environment, occasioned by its exploitation to ensure sustainability..

[JEXT Vol.1(1) 2000: 76-81]
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