Implications of deforestation and desertification on sustainable agriculture

  • Philomena I Ozo-eson Department of Sociology University of Abuja, Nigeria


This paper examines the implications of deforestation and desertification in sustainable agriculture. The problems of deforestation and desertification were examined as they affect land and agricultural productivity. The socio-economic implications of deforestation and desertification in sustainable agriculture were equally discussed. It was observed that forestry and agriculture are complementary and if we want to have ‘hunger free society', forestry in Nigeria must be given recognition. The paper also discussed the different ways in which forestry contributes to agricultural development as in the case of food plants deliberately left on farmlands and major roads, and the investment in agro-forestry production. Suggestions were proffered on how to improve forestry and sustainable agriculture. These include, regeneration of trees in the form of forest plantation, agro-forestry and investing on people-orientated policies by the ruling class.

Journal of Environmental Extension Vol 5 2005: 32-38

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eISSN: 1595-5125