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Acute poisoning in cattle due to ingestion of rattlebox weed in Nigerian pasture

H A Kalshingi
I I Yaroro
S Y Daya
M D Saddiq
A I Mohammed
A A Kaikabo


A case of poisoning due to ingestion of Crotalaria cylindrocapa otherwise referred to as rattlebox weed in cattle was investigated and reported in this paper. High morbidity and low mortality rates were recorded in the affected cattle. Clinical signs observed were; hypersalivation, weakness, ataxia, inappetance , recumbency , lameness and enlargement of the hooves was noticed in the affected animals two weeks post toxicosis. Phytochemical analysis of this plant revealed the presence of cardiac glycosides, steroids, and flavonoids. Whereas alkaloids, anthraquinones, saponins, tannins, were not detected. Prompt case reporting coupled with early treatment with antibiotic, steroid and atropine sulphate have greatly contributed to the amelioration of the severity of the poisoning. Advice to safeguard future occurrence of the case was highlighted.

Keywords: Crotalaria cylindrocapa, pasture, poisoning, rattlebox weed, cattle

Journal of Environmental Extension Vol. 6 2007: pp. 25-27