Journal of Environmental Extension

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A Study On The Environmental Education In The Metropolis Schools Of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

H Sulaiman, H Semegne, PN Ananth


The machinery “Environmental Education” is to work towards sustainable development at different levels. Arguments exist on the factors accountable towards environmental damages. Human intervention, ranging from local to global level on environmental issues has been realized. Hence, formal and informal education is the identified tool for transformation. Environmental education at school level is one of the sources to infuse the young generation with a concern and responsive act towards environmental protection and conservation. Policies on envisaging environmental education in schools have not gone beyond the blackboard. Ethiopia is not an exemption of such environmental problems and the intended goals of environmental education through schools have not produced the desired results. The paper draws on a research
conducted by the authors on the effectiveness of environmental education in the Metropolis
schools of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The paper argues that EE in Ethiopia has been given through infusion approach and mainly focus on Chalk and Talk system, which focuses on root
memorization of factual knowledge about the environment.

Keywords: Environmental Education, environment al issues, Ethiopian Schools, knowledge level

Journal of Environmental Extension Vol. 7 2008: pp. 22-30
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