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Prospects and challenges of ecotourism development in Nigeria

F.O Idumah
A.E Onyeanusi
O.D Akinyem
M.A Bello


This paper highlights the prospects and challenges of ecotourism as a veritable tool for sustainable economic development and the conservation of natural resources in Nigeria. The country is eminently and abundantly blessed with ecotourism resources that if properly harnessed can generate a lot of revenue to the government as well as be a viable source of employment and means of livelihood to the local people. It, however, identifies problems that have bedevilled ecotourism development in the country in-spite of the abundant and numerous tourism resources available in the country which include poor funding, lack of infrastructure, political instability, poaching etc. It concludes by recommending some possible panacea to enhance the present level of ecotourism to a good avenue of revenue generation and overall economic development. These include adequate funding of the ecotourism sector, massive extension and enlightenment programme, security of lives and properties of prospective tourists, provision of infrastructure, among others.

Key words: Ecotourism, economic development, conservation, Nigeria