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Study of reaction sequences for formation of solid solution: 0,48 PbZrO3-0,47 PbTiO3-0,05 Pb (Cr1/5, Zn1/5, Sb 3/5) O3

N Abdessalem
Z Necira
M Abba
A Boutarfaia


To study the reaction sequences of formation of solid solution zirconate-lead titanate (PZT) in this work, we took into account the effect of adding oxide dopants on the progress of the reaction, so we added oxides ZnO, Cr2O3, Sb2O3 to our material composition in small quantities so that the solid solution must verify the conditions of the perovskite structure. The results of the X-ray diffraction and thermal analysis allowed us to suggest a reaction mechanism. It is important to note that the substitution of a low concentration of ions forming the perovskite structure PZT (Pb2+, Zr4+ et Ti4+) by other ions (Zn2+, Cr3+ et Sb+5 in our study) alters the reaction sequences training of the solid solution PZT and especially the formation of intermediate phase.

Keywords: PZT / Calcination / TGA / DTA / RX / Piezoelectric Ceramics