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Description and variation factors of individual cell counts of milk in of units bovins aboveground (Tunisian Sahel)

Y M’Sadak, R Haj Mbarek, L Mighri


This study has as essential objective the diagnosis of breast health of a sample of 120 cattle farms conducted  in above ground in the Tunisian Sahel, from the Individuals Cellular Counts (ICC). The analysis of the ICC has  inferred that the infection status of the breasts is worrying (50% of the sample is infected). Depending on  governorates, Sousse always haves the highest ICC, followed by Monastir with lower ICC and finally Mahdia  with the lowest ICC. The determination and distribution of arithmetic averages (AA), geometric averages  (GA), the quartiles and interquartile of ICC, led to highlight that AA of ICC are always higher than the GA of ICC. The median is closer to GA of ICC than AA of ICC, confirming the utility of the use of the GA in the cell  distribution. The rank and stage of lactation, season of calving and milk production have importance on the  evolution of the ICC.

Keywords: Dairy Cattle Breeding; Aboveground system; Individual Cell Count; Mammary Infection; Tunisia Semi-arid.
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