Determination of characteristics maximal runoff mountain rivers in Crimea

  • V Ovcharuk
  • O Todorova
Keywords: maximum runoff, rain floods, hillslope runoff, karst


This article has been examined maximum runoff of the rivers of the Crimean Mountains. The rivers flow through the western and eastern part of the northern slope Crimean Mountains, and on its southern coast. The largest of them: Belbek, Alma, Salgir, Su-Indol and others. To characterize the maximum runoff of rain floods (the layers of rain floods and maximum discharge of water) on the rivers of the Crimean Mountains were used materials of observations for long-term period (from the beginning of observations to 2010 inclusive) on 54 of streamflow station with using a the so-called «operator» model for maximum runoff formation.

Keywords: maximum runoff; rain floods; hillslope runoff; karst


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eISSN: 1112-9867