Architecture academic by information technologies utilization

  • S.A. Hosseini
  • S Teimory
  • K Loloie
  • M.R.A. Hamedani
Keywords: Academic, architecture, information technology


This research aims at studying teaching modern architecture with information technology approach. Today, information technology is used to transmit knowledge in many universities of the world. Information technology tools are potentially capable of providing engineering students with a broad continuum of curriculum in order to produce and connect ideas and decrease the gap between understanding and accepting innovations. Contemporary universities are prone to a critical changes, one of which being new educational needs. In recent years, many countries owe their development to the improvement of communication and information tools. Architecture education is very critical and therefore new educational needs are realized more in this field compared to other fields. That’s because architecture education has artistic feature and art education requires reflective contexts, modern technology and novice educational tools in order to foster students’ creativity and reinforce their visualization ability. Information technology has an important role in this process. On the other hand, architecture is a multidisciplinary field with specific requirements that are important to be regarded and put in to priority in architecture education. 

Accordingly, the present research studies architecture education; the impact of information technology on agriculture education; and its contribution to the reflectivity of educational context, which is one of requirements of architecture education. We then focus on different aspects of information technology and its effects in educational contexts and contribution to educational improvement. Next, we introduce new educational tools in the era of technology that has proposed a new trend in education. The result of this study proves the necessity of applying information technology in architecture education and of providing required basis to use these tools in order for students’ creativity and visualizations abilities to be fostered and reinforced in architecture designs.

Keywords: Academic; architecture; information technology


Journal Identifiers

print ISSN: 1112-9867