Fraud by using a check

  • HA Azarian
Keywords: Check, the check law, fraud.


Check is one of the most important tools to facilitate the trading and financial  transactions between people. In fact, the Czech is a special type of finance credit from the bank to an individual or legal person, unfortunately, this concept, like many other concepts have not understood in comprehensive way and these check books caused many problems for people. These days, "overdrawing check" is not incomprehensible words, for many of us because it happened for many of us, first and foremost question should in this context, is what will you do to get your right? Refer to a court? If someone used check as a tool to fraud and looting of property of others, should they just be subject to check law, and according to the provisions of the law are prosecuted? Are crook people the same as honorable merchants that due to some unwanted changes and fluctuations in the market and social conditions
could not promise checks that they have been forced to issue pay, is good,  acceptable, and in the interests of society? Accept the idea that the check exporter, however, according to check law, be prosecuted and punished, regardless of intent on check and even if he proves that the check is used for fraud, he cannot be  pursued in accordance with the law relating to fraud, that is inferior corruption. In
this paper, the false belief on one hand and repeated the intention of the legislator to the adoption of Article 238 of the Penal Code and the laws of the years 1933, and later 1954 on check was studied.

Keywords: Check; the check law; fraud.


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