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Determining the parameters of chirp signals using cyclostationary method in presence of the interference

K. Heydari, P. Azmi, B. Abbasi, A. Heydari


This paper deals with the problems of detecting a chirp signal of motion target against a
strong undesired signal from the transmitter in radar. We use Generalized Almost-
Cyclostationary (GACS) signal processing method to determine the rate and initial frequency
of the chirp signal in presence of the strong undesired signal. This technique which exploits
the second order cyclostationary to detect features of the chirp signal in low SNR has
desirable properties. The study utilized a method to determine and characterize signals for
highly adverse signal to interference plus noise and explain how using cyclostationary
properties can extract features of chirp signal from the mixture received signal. The theory
and simulation of this method indicated that the chirp rate depends on the lag parameter and the cycle frequency.

Keywords: Chirp Signal, Cyclostationary, initial frequency, Chirp rate.
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