Disaster civilian defense in urban management by preparation of executional and thinking infrastructure

  • M.S.T. Tolou Del
Keywords: Disaster, defense, urban management, execution and thinking infrastructure


To achieve a suitable environment in urban disaster management infrastructure should be anything before the intellectual and practical infrastructure management and above all it is made. Amenities and protect citizens with assistance in a timely manner is very important. The coordinating organizations working in disaster management cooperation is important. Establish ways of securing access to vital resources and intellectual life of the people is necessary. Food aid and medical supplies, and clothing, fuel, electricity and basic necessary equipment is also required. The most necessary work at all is providing the identity documents for the registration of personal details and property and cultural documents. In this study, we have tried to do everything necessary coordination in the event of natural disasters and specific categories to real risks to help people during natural disasters are better.

Keywords: Disaster; defense; urban management; execution and thinking infrastructure


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print ISSN: 1112-9867