A study to design the emergency reaction plan for LPG tanks in 5th refinery, south pars gas-condensate by using phast software

  • A Boluirian
  • S Givehchi
  • M Nasrabadi
Keywords: Outcome analysis, phast software, accident modeling, risk assessment, safety


Outcome Assessment is a tool applied by safety engineers in order to evaluate the risk resulting from industrial activities and determine the level of risk and damage arising from work-related accidents. After identifying and evaluating the risks, it is essential to estimate the intensity and consequences of the risks because the intensity of adverse effects and the likelihood of occurrence determine the risk. On the other hand, today, with increased density and proximity of industrial units, the adverse consequences of an accident cannot be limited to one unit.

The damaging effects can spread to adjacent units or the surrounding residential area. This study aims to identify the risks in LPG storage unit, 5th South Pars Gas Refinery and possible events in the process by using PHAST software. In order to enhance the modeling accuracy, Pseudo-Component Method was replaced with Multi-Component Method and it was employed to model combined hydrocarbons such as LPG. The results show that "sudden explosion of tank" is more dangerous than others, leaving irreparable financial and human damages. LPG export pipeline requires more protection due to the radiation radius as a result of fire induced by fracture.

Keywords: Outcome analysis; phast software; accident modeling; risk assessment; safety


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print ISSN: 1112-9867