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Ranking and evaluating the factors affecting the success of management team in construction projects

M Bahadori Zare
A Mirjalili
M Mirabi


Project success is one of the most important objectives and concerns of managers and people involved in a project. It also unifies the efforts of the project team. Success of the government construction projects aims to reduce cost and time, and increase quality and satisfaction of the society and government as the main customers. Many factors affect success of the construction projects. Identifying these factors contributes to successful implementation of the projects. The project management team is one of these important factors. The present study aimed to evaluate factors affecting success of the management team in the form of members’ characteristics. To this aim, library and field research methods were used. The population consisted of 30 managers and professionals of the government successful projects as employer, consultant, and contractor. Data were collected through a questionnaire with 15 questions. Descriptive statistics was used to analyze the collected data.

The results concerning the importance of team in organizing project showed that the most prominent features of the management team in Iran include team work skills and related ethics, the belief in customer satisfaction, and the absolute loyalty of the team to the project management and the company where they work.

Taking into account these features leads to the construction projects success.

Keywords: construction projects; management team; project success; management team features