Assessing environmental effects of aromatizing unit by comparing leopold, modified leopold, and icold techniques

  • M Mohammadi
  • S.A. Jozi
  • S Pursina
Keywords: Biologic effects, physical effects, odorous substance, environment, socioeconomic effects


Oil and gas from the early days of their eruptions have served as a driving force to lead the society to progress and development. The scarcity of resources, the environment, and its protection are among the most important issues facing the human community and in particular developing countries such as Iran and the environmental protection is regarded as one of the most serious human problems. Supplying natural gas for industrial and service sectors as an inevitable task in moving toward sustainable development and making economic, socio cultural, and environmental progresses in Iran is a taken-for-granted fact.

Conducting studies to assess the possible effects of development on the environment to achieve basic management solutions in utilizing resources and environmental values with the aim of attaining the sustainable development that is currently taking into account throughout the world is considered as one of the main mechanisms to emancipate human from the current environmental problems. Currently, there are over 422 methods available to conduct environmental assessments. This study assessed the environmental effects of the establishment project of South Pars Aromatizing Unit using checklists, Leopold, modified Leopold, and ICOLD techniques.

The results confirmed the establishment of this project by considering corrective and management practices.

Keywords: Biologic effects; physical effects; odorous substance; environment; socioeconomic effects


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print ISSN: 1112-9867