The effect of health workers’ performance on implementation of the referral system in family physician program in ramian city

  • A Zahra Asadi
  • B Iravan Masoudi Asl
  • C Sayed Jamale Din Tabibi
Keywords: Health worker, Referral system, Family Physician Program


According to the fact that providing service in rural community is done by health workers and based on the referral system the client refers to health workers first. so in case of not paying any attention to their performance, there will be a possibility of having problems. This research is sectional, applied and uses correlation method. The statistical society is consisted of health workers that were studied by census method. The data was analyzed by a psychometric , researcher-made questionnaire. After completing the questionnaire, the data was analyzed by using SPSS.According to the results, 4,6% had good awareness and 23,3%  had a positive attitude and 100% had poor performance and fairly good. The results indicates that due to the role of health workers in the referral system , there is a requirement for identification and implementation of the factors that have a positive effect on this relationship.

Keywords: Health worker; Referral system; Family Physician Program


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print ISSN: 1112-9867