The role of management participation in manufacturing companies of rasht city

  • S.D. Ghazi Mahaleh
  • M.G. Chegini
Keywords: management participation, organizational innovation, technical innovation, marketing innovation


Today, all successful organizations and companies around the world have found that intangible assets must be emphasized instead of an emphasis on raw materials. One of the most core assets is innovation and the lack of innovation is a fundamental barrier to the development of big organizations and companies. The purpose of the present study is to answer the key question that: can management participation affect organizational innovation? The present study is applied in terms of purpose and is descriptive-correlational in terms of method. It is also a field study in terms of data collection, the statistical population of this study includes all manufacturing companies in Rasht’s industrial town among which 20 companies were selected by convenience non-probability method. The instrument used for data collection is a standard questionnaire that was confirmed in terms of validity and reliability. The results of data analysis that was done by structural equations modeling show that all the hypotheses in the present study, except the effect of management participation on marketing innovation and product innovation were confirmed.

Keywords: management participation, organizational innovation, technical innovation, marketing innovation


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print ISSN: 1112-9867