A new method for providing a model to analyze a kite wind turbine

  • N Sabet
  • M Akbari
  • A Zandvakili
Keywords: Kite wind turbine, Simulation, Static model, Dynamic model, Winch, Torque


The ultimate purpose of simulating kite wind turbine is to predict the kite movement and the power generated by its mechanism. To simulate because when the initial estimate of the intended values is found, we may have to manipulate the simulation to find the most efficient design for manufacturing our system and then predict the final power generated for our mechanism. Simulation for the system is based on two parts: Simulation of steady-state and dynamic model, which include differential equations. In this paper, we have presented a novel idea for a proper simulation of the system based on the two static and dynamic parts in order to numerical solution of the required amount and to calculate the output power.

Keywords: Kite wind turbine; Simulation; Static model; Dynamic model;Winch; Torque


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eISSN: 1112-9867