A study of affecting factors on the degree of university students loyalty to the brand of nike

  • AS Hazhbar al-Sadati
  • J Jeavik
  • Z Behbahani
  • M Khabiri
Keywords: Nike brand, brand trusts, brand image, loyalty, purchase intent


There are different factors which affect the way people select and continue their attitudes towards products of certain brands. The main objective of the present study was investigating factors affecting the degree of University students’ loyalty  to Nike brand. This research is functional in regard with objective and descriptive-temporary in terms of kind; it was conducted among BA, MA, and PhD student of Physical Education in Tehran University with a sample size of 248 subjects. Researcher-constructed questionnaire, which examined three influential factors (trust, purchase intent, brand image), on the loyalty of University Students, was used to collect data. Research data was analyzed using EM algorithm and Spss software and stepwise multiple regression was applied to investigate the impact of variables on students’ loyalty. Significant regression model showed that all three variables of trust, purchase intent, and brand image had significant effects. Brand trust was the most influential variable with regression coefficient of   0.740 (p<0.001).Based on the results of the present study, the hierarchical priority of three variables, according to students’ replies, was brand trust, purchase intent, and brand image. The results showed that brand trust had the first priority among variables and that Nike brand has managed, on the basis of quality, to satisfy various needs, intentions, and tasks of larger number of university students.

Key words: Nike brand, brand trusts, brand image, loyalty, purchase intent


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eISSN: 1112-9867