The relationship between empowerment and effectiveness of staff (case study: national bank staff in Guilan province)

  • A.A. Louyeh
  • P Ebrahimi
  • A.G. Soleimani
  • A Shadmehr
Keywords: staff effectiveness, staff empowerment, staff training, staff performance, staff satisfaction


Effectiveness is one of the management concepts considered and studied always by management scientists and experts. The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of different dimensions of empowerment (servicing staff, staff monitoring, consulting staff, and training staff) on dimensions of effectiveness of staff (staff satisfaction and staff performance). This study is applied in terms of data collection and it is survey type of descriptive study in terms of data collection. The study population includes staff of National Bank branches in Guilan province, that their number is 1397 people. Cochran formula was used to determine sample size of study and 302 people were selected as minimum sample of study. Simple random sampling was used as method of sampling. Fir increased confidence, 360 questionnaires were distributed that 315 questionnaires were returned and analyzed. Method of data collection is using questionnaire distributed among samples of study after its validity and reliability were confirmed.

SPSS software was used to analyze the data in descriptive statistics section and structural equation modeling using AMOS software was used in the inferential statistics using AMOS software to test the hypotheses of study. The results showed there is significant positive correlation between different dimensions of empowerment and dimensions of effectiveness of staff.

Keywords: staff effectiveness, staff empowerment, staff training, staff performance, staff satisfaction


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eISSN: 1112-9867