Effective factors on adoption ofinnovation in organizational IT according to organizational, environmental, innovation and human factors in Zanjan industrial towns

  • S Alamati
  • S.M.B. Jafari
Keywords: innovation, information technology, adoption of new technologies in IT, industrial towns


This research studies adoption of innovation in information technology. New technologies have numerous advantages for companies and can be considered as competitive advantage that cause to efficacy and development in these companies. The research aims is to investigate the effective factors in adoption of innovation in IT in the mentioned industries. This research was conducted examining innovation factors, organizational factors, environmental factors and human factors in organizational level. For measuring the effectiveness of each dimension and determining the coefficient of each effective variable, SPSS was used. The data were collected from the companies working based on IT. The results showed that innovation factors, organizational factors and human factors have a positive and significant effect on adoption of new technologies. The results of analysis of regression  and simple linear regression revealed that organizational and innovation variables have highest coefficients with most effectiveness in adoption of new technologies in IT.

Keywords: innovation; information technology;adoption of new technologies in IT; industrial towns


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eISSN: 1112-9867