Lighting and energy supply for heating in building using algae power

  • F Sepehri
Keywords: energy, algae, lighting, nano, architecture


Today, given the rapid population growth and human needs as well as the increasing consumption of energy, the phenomenon of energy crisis can be seen in the world. In the past one hundred years, the need for sustainable, cheap and clean fuel sources has been taken into consideration more than before. A significant proportion of this energy is consumed in buildings. Therefore, access to clean and healthy energy in buildings can have a significant role in improving environmental conditions. This article wants to present the definition and the usage of one of the energy resources made by nanotechnology and its effect on sustainable architecture. This kind of clean energy is obtained from algae sources (algae and microalgae). In recent years, numerous studies have been conducted on the use of algae as raw materials for biofuel production. In this article, the method of producing energy from these algae along with their application in sustainable architecture has been investigated. For this purpose, a few examples of algal energy uses in the exterior and interior spaces of building and forest canopies have been introduced.

Keywords: energy, algae, lighting, nano, architecture


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print ISSN: 1112-9867