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Thinking about death in the poetry of Fereidoun Moshiri

H Bassak, M Gholipour


As we know, death is eternal fate of every phenomenon and men is not an exception. We`ll die soon or late. But why most of us scare of it?

Fear of death can be classified into two sections: death of euthanization; men considers death and does not believe in life after death. Hence they would like to stay in this world.

Fear from bad deeds: some men believe in death but are fearful of death due to bad deeds. In the first section death is complete devastation but if we consider death a new birth and believe that passing from this world we will reach to another world with full of blessings, then we`ll make fun of such description of death. The second group who did wrong deeds. They must know that God is so generous and paved the way for regret of bad people. Death is as Moshiri says death is a solution for leaving life problems behind and to reach to eternal relaxation. Not only he consider it disgusting but also he regards it calm.

Keywords: Fereidoun Moshiri, poem divan, death ideology, phobia, world and after death life
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