Using wind turbines in high-rise buildings in the development of sustainable architecture (case study: Kish Island)

  • F Asadpour
  • S Khastoo
  • M.H. Rezaeian Fard
Keywords: Renewable Energy, Wind Energy, Wind Turbine, High-Rise Buildings, Kish Island, Sustainable Architecture


The increasing consumption of fossil fuels as limited sources of energy and its destructive effect on the environment has drawn many people attention to the use of renewable energy and in the meantime, taking advantage of the renewable energy of wind to produce clean and low-cost energy is one of the most common options throughout the world, however, due to the growing concentration of population and economic activity in contemporary cities and for increasing high-rise buildings in order to answer the problem cause irreparable damage to the environment which in order to protect the God-given natural resources, reducing environmental pollution and reducing energy consumption, using wind turbines for wind energy and converting it into mechanical and electrical energy are objectives of sustainable development plays a major role in the housing sector. Since the shallow waters of the Persian Gulf and coasts of this region are great places for installing wind turbines, in this regard, this study by studying documents and field studies to evaluate how the use of wind energy in high-rise buildings of these areas in order to maintain the environmental and energy efficiency leads to better planning for the construction of high-rise on Kish island in order to achieve the objectives of sustainable development.

Keywords: Renewable Energy, Wind Energy, Wind Turbine, High-Rise Buildings, Kish Island, Sustainable Architecture


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print ISSN: 1112-9867