Use of XPS thermal insulator boards in design of educational spaces

  • F Davari Dolatabadi
  • A Emamianfar
Keywords: School, modern materials, Building and Housing Research Center, XPS boards


This research refers to case study, Haghpanah girls' primary school that is of the standard schools designed and implemented by Isfahan Province Schools Renovation Organization. It deals to the importance and creation of an operational method for applying modern materials such as XPS thermal insulator in architectural design and its effect on educational spaces in section of primary school and how to design. It also deals to its effect and advantages on interior spaces that will help educational optimization significantly. Perhaps some believe that the implementation of thermal insulation of the building increases construction costs. However, we note that the implementation of thermal insulation not only saves energy consumption but also has a significant role in consumption of wasted heating and cooling energy of educational spaces. For example, the position of mentioned school is on the ground floor (pilot) and with external walls around the building. As it is obvious, the building floor and three sides of its perimeter are a part of the external shell (in contact with the outside perimeter). Cooling and heating of such a building requires spending high costs to provide equipment with high capacities. Heating and cooling equipment capacity becomes smaller than half after proper implementation of thermal insulation.

As air conditioning equipment becomes small, implementation of optimization not only becomes free but also reduces the overall cost of construction.

Keywords: School, modern materials, Building and Housing Research Center, XPS boards


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print ISSN: 1112-9867