A new revenue maximization model using customized plans in cloud service allocation (Applied on a real company case study)

  • M.M. Raja
  • G Dastghaibyfard
  • A Nazemi
Keywords: Cloud Computing, Digital Pricing, Dynamic Pricing


Cloud computing is emerging as a promising field offering a variety of computing services to end users. These services are offered at different prices using various pricing schemes and techniques. End users will favor the service provider offering the best quality with the lowest price. Therefore, applying a fair pricing model will attract more customers and achieve higher revenues for service providers. This work focuses on a novel dynamic pricing model which is able to satisfy advance users requirements based on normal fixed price model. This paper considers many factors that affect pricing and user satisfaction, such as fairness, QoS, SLA, and more, by highlighting their importance in recent markets and propose a flexible model which tries to utilize all resources to the highest capacity and offers low prices for underutilized resources. The simulated results shows the appropriateness of dynamic pricing for sharing of computing resources, where providers want to have more customers as a managerial decision and even more income in total.

Keywords: Cloud Computing; Digital Pricing; Dynamic Pricing


Journal Identifiers

print ISSN: 1112-9867