The specific obstructions and implications of multi-grade classes

  • K Nourayi
Keywords: multi-grade classes, educational performance, motivation, social interaction


The objective of this inquiry is examining the special obstacles and problems of multi-grade classes and coming up with an appropriate method to improve their quality. The presented inquiry is descriptive and based on an applicable point of view. In this paper, we initially get into the problems and barriers in the multi-grade classes in Iran and then go further to achieve a comprehensive view to enhance their qualities. We have started with a brief definition of multigrade classes, their peculiar teaching methods, the variables affecting academic performance in such classes, the positive and negative aspects of these classes, studying multi-grade classes in foreign countries as well as Iran and the primary results obtained from them and then we express an analysis about the problems and obstacles of such classes, appropriate methods to overcome these problems, the required conditions to use technology in multi-grade classes to enhance their quality and finally we put these finding together to conclude according to descriptive and analytical methods. The results delineate that the proper utilization of the operational tools in ameliorating the quality of multi-grade classes in deprived areas not only bolsters the educational properties but also provides a solid foundation for students to be productive in their social interactions in future, their independent days. It would prepare them to enhance their problemsolving strategies and to follow a positive life style rather than an incongruent one and to motivate themselves whenever required.

Keywords: multi-grade classes, educational performance, motivation, social interaction


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eISSN: 1112-9867