Behavior of cereal’s varieties in the presence of Heterodera avenae woll (heteroderidae, tylenchida) cyst nematode in Tiaret Area (Algeria)

  • F Labdelli
  • M Adamou-Djerbaoui
  • K Oulbachir
  • A Allel
Keywords: Nematode, Heterodera, cereals, varieties, behaviour


The behaviour of cereals varieties (Ofanto, Waha and Vitron for durum wheat; Anza and HD1120 for bread wheat and Saida with Acsad for barly) were tested towards Heterodera avenae. The analysis of the variance reveals that the nematode has an effect on the development of durum wheat for the number of ear per seedling and the weight of thousand seeds, with respectively: P = 0, 0033 and P = 0,000, for the infested varieties and the witnesses. Common wheat shows a highly significant difference (P= 0, 0000) for the varieties infested and pilot and of the same for the barley, but with a significant difference with: P= 0,0002, between the varieties of barley. The two varieties of barley were different when with the weight from 1000grains. The ACP of any species confers that Saida is the most sensitive variety followed by Ofanto and Anza to attack of this nematode.

Keywords: Nematode; Heterodera; cereals; varieties; behaviour


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1112-9867