Contribution of anthropic activities to the seawater pollution at the Port of Tenes

  • F Guetarni
  • M Douani
  • S Kouadri Moustefai
Keywords: marine pollution, heavy metals, sampling, physiochemical analysis, toxicity


The port of Ténès, located at West of Algiers, is a medium of intense anthropic activities. Its pollution was monitored using a sampling technique. The analysis of the parameters: pH, temperature, electrical conductivity and dissolved oxygen (D.O) was carried out in situ. The concentration of heavy metals has been carried out by the atomic absorption while scanning the wavelengths varying from 217.0 nm at 228.8 nm. The evolution of the nitrate and nitrite content was obtained by spectrophotometer. Their spatio-temporal profiles were obtained by the Geographic Information System (GIS) software. The high toxicity of seawater is due to the presence of lead and cadmium with concentrations exceeding 60 times the normal value (0.015 mg/l). Moreover, the deficit in D.O announces strong biological activities. This wild aggression is related to the industrial discharges in the port area.

Keywords: marine pollution; heavy metals, sampling, physiochemical analysis, toxicity


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eISSN: 1112-9867