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Contribution to the study of the quality physicochemical of the waters of the water of the complex terminal in the valley of Oued Souf (South-East Algerian)

I Zaiz, B Zine, D Boutoutaou, S Khechana


The area of Oued-Souf consists of a good amount of underground water resources. These resources consist of two big aquifers: the Terminal Complex and the Continental Intercalary. The Chemical quality of these waters creates big problems like: the high mineralization and the concentration of some elements that surpass the recommended norms stated by the OMS. The objectives of the present study relate to quality of the waters within this area and their effects on the environment.

According to the results obtained from the different methods utilized, diagram and statistical tool, it could be said that the mineralization of these waters is geologic in origin. The mineralization relate to the composition of the strata that make the two layers. The problem of the Oued-Souf area waters is in essence a problem of quality, for this we believe there must be some rigorous research to develop the chemical quality of these waters and to guarantee their accountability to the international norms before mobilizing them to the consumers.

Keywords: Terminal Complex, Continental Intercalary, Mineralization, Qualitative aspects, statistical tool
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