Architectural design of experience based factory model for software development process in cloud computing: integration with workflow and multi-agent system

  • M. Hanafiah
  • R. Abdullah
  • J. Din
  • M.A.A. Murad
Keywords: architectural design, knowledge management, experience factory, workflow, multi-agent system, cloud automation.


A model which is based on experience factory approach has been proposed earlier, called
EBF-SD, to overcome the limitations of experience management in software development
domain. An application prototype, which is then called SDeX, is developed based on the
proposed model. The study on correlation analysis indicates that automation do have positive
relationship with other components: knowledge management, cloud, collaboration and portal.
This paper further discusses the high level prototype development with the emphasis on the
architectural design. Automation features are incorporated in the design in which workflow
system and intelligent agents are integrated, and the facilitation of cloud environment is
empowered to further support the automation.

Keywords: architectural design; knowledge management; experience factory; workflow;
multi-agent system; cloud automation.

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print ISSN: 1112-9867