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Artocarpus altilis compound based study for anti-cancer proliferation on Hela cell via electroporation method

S. Ganeson, M.M.A. Jamil, M.N. Adon, R.A. Wahab, M.S. Ahmad


Survivors of cancer often have multiple permanent side effects due to the usage of drugs during the therapy. This study combining the compound artocarpus altilis and the optimized electroporation method for maximum HeLa cancer cell anti-proliferation activity. Artocarpus altilis or also known as sukun, is a natural compound, which has the capability to treat cancer as it has anti-proliferation effect in cancerous cells. Hence, in this current work, voltage amplitude of 200V/cm, 400V/cm, 600V/cm, 800V/cm, 100V/cm with 30μs of pulse duration used in electroporating HeLa cancer cell to look at the effects on cell’s extension, cell size and growth rate. However, this study requires further investigation to identify the optimal electroporation conditions that can be applied to effectively deliver the artocarpus altilis extracts to the HeLa cancer cells in order to inhibit its proliferation.

Keywords: electroporation; irreversible electroporation; artocarpus altilis.
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