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Simulation of U-shaped plastic optical fiber ethanol sensor

H. Saad, M. K. A. Rahman, M. H. M. Yusoff, N. S. M. Kassim, I. Yassin


The prediction of optical loss in different bending diameter of U-shaped POF sensor toward
variation of ethanol’s refractive indices was investigated using ray-tracing method perform by
Zemax software. It can provide information on how the propagation ray is perturbed by
different bending diameter of U-shaped POF. There are five designs of POF models were
pre-drawn with different bending diameter; 2.0cm, 2.5cm, 3.0cm 3.5cm and 4.0cm. From the
results, U-shaped with 2.5 cm bending diameter has shown the most sensitive bending
diameter as compared to the rest. Either with the presence of cladding layer or not the
sensitivity detected was 0.014 x10-4 Watts/Vol%

Keywords: ray-tracing; Zemax software; U-shaped POF sensor; ethanol sensor.
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