Current implementation of advance encryption standard (AES) S-Box

  • M. F. Roslan
  • K. Seman
  • A.H.A. Halim
  • M.N.S.M. Sayuti
Keywords: block cipher, AES, S-Box


Although the attack on cryptosystem is still not severe, the development of the scheme is still
ongoing especially for the design of S-Box. Two main approach has beenused, which are
heuristic method and algebraic method. Algebraic method as in current AES implementation
has been proven to be the most secure S-Box design to date. This review paper will
concentrate on two kinds of method of constructing AES S-Box, which are algebraic approach
and heuristic approach. The objective is to review a method of constructing S-Box, which are
comparable or close to the original construction of AES S-Box especially for the heuristic
approach. Finally, all the listed S-Boxes from these two methods will be compared in terms of
their security performance which is nonlinearity and differential uniformity of the S-Box. The
finding may offer the potential approach to develop a new S-Box that is better than the
original one.

Keywords: block cipher; AES; S-Box

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1112-9867