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Current implementation of advance encryption standard (AES) S-Box

M. F. Roslan, K. Seman, A.H.A. Halim, M.N.S.M. Sayuti


Although the attack on cryptosystem is still not severe, the development of the scheme is still
ongoing especially for the design of S-Box. Two main approach has beenused, which are
heuristic method and algebraic method. Algebraic method as in current AES implementation
has been proven to be the most secure S-Box design to date. This review paper will
concentrate on two kinds of method of constructing AES S-Box, which are algebraic approach
and heuristic approach. The objective is to review a method of constructing S-Box, which are
comparable or close to the original construction of AES S-Box especially for the heuristic
approach. Finally, all the listed S-Boxes from these two methods will be compared in terms of
their security performance which is nonlinearity and differential uniformity of the S-Box. The
finding may offer the potential approach to develop a new S-Box that is better than the
original one.

Keywords: block cipher; AES; S-Box
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