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Optimal capacitor sizing and placement based on real time analysis using PSO for energy efficiency improvement

A. H. A. Rahman, M.F.A. Latip, N. Zaini


In this paper, optimal capacitor sizing and placement method was used to improve energy
efficiency. It involves the placement of capacitors in a specific location with suitable sizing
based on the current load of the electrical system. The optimization is done in real time
scenario where the sizing and placement of the capacitors are made dynamic and vary based
on the present load of the system. PSO AI technique have been implemented for real-time
analysis. The optimization technique reduce the power losses and energy consumption by
determining the location and size of the capacitors. MATLAB and SIMULINK develop the
optimization program and electrical distribution model. The three-phase electrical distribution
system model have been used for testing the effectiveness of the optimization technique is
deployed at the UiTM Science and Technology Tower (Block 4).

Keywords: energy efficiency; PSO; optimal; capacitor sizing; capacitor placement.
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