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In train air quality analysis of the public railway transit and public perception on in-train air quality in Malaysia

M. Masyita, R. Nornadiah


This study analyze the trend of in-train air quality in KTM Commuter in upstream and
downstream lines, identify public’s perception and knowledge on in-train air quality. Real
time monitoring was conducted by measuring five indoor air parameters (CO2, CO, PM10,
temperature and humidity) along Klang Valley Line from SgBuloh until PelabuhanKlang
station for five consecutive days, together with a survey on IAQ facts and symptoms related
to indoor air pollutants among 129 KTM commuter passengers. Descriptive and correlation
tests were performed using SPSS version 23. CO2and PM10 concentration in most of the
time have exceeded permissible limit (max = 1449ppm and >0.15mg/m3). CO concentration
was below permissible limit (<10ppm) whilsttemperature and humidity were mostly in an
acceptable range (23-26°C; 40-70%rh).

Keywords: In-train air quality (IAQ); KTM commuter carbon dioxide; carbon monoxide;
particulate matter (PM); public perception
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