Automated attendance management and alert system

  • S. K. N. A. Rahim
  • N. R. P. Ismail
  • F. A. Razak
  • I. Z. Zulkifli
  • N. H. Jamian
  • N. F. Razi
  • N. H. Mohammad
Keywords: automated system, attendance management, system development.


“Automated Attendance Management and Alert System (AAMAS)” was developed to help UiTM lecturers and Academic Affairs Department in monitoring students’ absenteeism and improving the absenteeism record management. AAMAS provides various functions, from managing and recording students’ attendance record, to sending automatic alerts to students with high absenteeism via short messaging system (SMS) and email. The system is also able to track the number of alerts sent. Through AAMAS, a significant amount of time and money can be saved, for instance time needed to fill out forms and issue notification letters manually can be minimized significantly. Besides, message interception, human resources and human errors can also be reduced. AAMAS which was tailored to UiTM could be also enhanced and custom-made to cater other learning institutions’ requirements throughout Malaysia.

Keywords: automated system; attendance management; system development.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1112-9867