Decolorization of reactive red-120 by using macrofungus and microfungus

  • N. N. Ibrahim
  • S. A. Talib
  • H. N. Ismail
  • C. C. Tay
Keywords: aspergillus sp., dye decolorization, mycoremediation, pleurotus sp., reactive red – 120, synthetic dye.


The objectives of the study are to investigate the growth of Aspergillus sp. and Pleurotus sp. and decolorization of Reactive Red – 120 in Minimal Salt Solution (MSS). The growths of fungi were measured every 3 days by using spectrophotometer at 540 nm. For decolorization, the fungi were cultured in 10 mg/L and 20 mg/L of dye concentration. Furthermore, pH of 5, 7 and 9 were used to determine the optimum pH for dye decolorization. The 10 mg/L concentration and pH 5 were chosen as optimum conditions with the maximum performance of reactive dye decolorization ranging of 60%-70%. The Aspergillus sp. was more efficient to
decolourize synthetic dye Reactive Red – 120 when compared to Pleurotus sp. This study contributes to the knowledge of mycoremediation and product of mycoremediation kit that could be developed and applied in industry.

Keywords: aspergillus sp.; dye decolorization; mycoremediation; pleurotus sp.; reactive red – 120; synthetic dye.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1112-9867