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Minimum component high frequency current mode rectifier

J. Sampe
M. Faseehuddin
S. Shireen
S.H.M. Ali


In this paper a current mode full wave rectifier circuit is proposed. The current mode rectifier
circuit is implemented utilizing a floating current source (FCS) as an active element. The
minimum component full wave rectifier utilizes only a single floating current source, two
diodes and two grounded resistors. The extremely simple implementation enjoys high
frequency operation and provides both inverting and non-inverting rectified outputs
simultaneously. The rectifier system can work up to a frequency of 500MHz with acceptable
distortion. The circuit exhibits low power consumption at ±0.75V supply voltage. The
non-ideal and temperature analysis was also performed to study their impact on its
performance. It was also shown that FCS can work as half wave rectifier as well. The
performance of the circuit is evaluated using 0.18μm TSMC CMOS parameters using Hspice.

Keywords: current-mode circuits; floating current source; high frequency; rectifiers