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Enhanced inflammation in subgroups of metabolic syndrome irrespective of glycaemic status

M. T. Osman, N. M. Nasir, A. S. Ramli, H. Saimin, T. Rahman, S. A. Razak, Z. Ismail, H. M. Nawawi


The objectives of this study were toinvestigate the inflammation and endothelial activation
biomarkers in subjects with metabolic syndrome (MS)subgroups irrespective of
status. Subjects (n=319) were categorized into MS subgroups [diabetes mellitus (MSDM),
impaired fastig glucose (MSIFG) and normoglycemia (MSNG)] and normal controls (NC).
Inflammatory biomarkers (high-sensitivity C-reactive protein and interleukin-6) and
endothelial activation (soluble intercellular adhesion molecule-1, vascular cell adhesion
molecule-1 and E-selectin) were measured and compared between the groups. MS subjects
had significant increase in all biomarkers compared to NC subjects. Glycaemic status in MS subgroups did not show any association with the quartiles of all biomarkers, except for
interleukin-6. This may partially explain their increased coronary risk.

Keywords: metabolic syndrome; glycaemic status; inflammation; endothelial activation
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