Sustainable waste management via incineration system: an Islamic outlook for conservation of the environment

  • Z. Samori
  • Z. Khairudin
  • R. Saedon
  • N. Anas
  • H. M. F. Harun
Keywords: sustainable waste management, incineration system, environment conservation, Islamic jurisprudence principles.


This paper would firstly examine solid waste management currently experienced in Malaysia with special concentration given to waste incineration. Its function and benefits entailed from this system shall then be identified. This paper attempts to emphasize this notion within the Islamic perspective, stressing on the needs to conserve the environment. This study adopts a qualitative approach where the conceptual authoritative literature in the related field is utilized based on content analysis. The related principles of Islamic jurisprudencecarefully examined along with the Quranic verses depicting on this issue This study further submits that incinerating waste could mitigate environmental impact that might otherwise arise from waste. Finally, it further concludes that Islam provides a concrete model of environmental ethics which is based on divine revelation that needs to be observed.

Keywords: sustainable waste management; incineration system; environment conservation;
Islamic jurisprudence principles.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1112-9867