The effect of feeding problems on the growth of children and adolescents with cerebral palsy

  • R. Rajikan
  • N.M. Zakaria
  • Z.A. Manaf
  • N.A.M. Yusoff
  • S. Shahar
Keywords: cerebral palsy, feeding problem, specific growth charts, gross motor classification system, wasting.


This cross sectional study determine the growth, feeding problems and nutrient intakes of cerebral palsy children and adolescents. A total of 153 subjects (68 females, 85 males) aged between 2 to 15 years old (mean 8.93+3.5) from community rehabilitation centers and spestic centers around Kuala Lumpur, Muar and Penang were recruited using convenience sampling method. 61% of subjects had feeding problems especially in the severe level group (72.9%) as compared to the mild (50.6%) [(χ2=7.890), p<0.05], whereby choking and swallowing were significantly associated with their severity levels [(χ2choking=7.183), p<0.05; (χ2 swallowing=9.994), p<0.05]. Subjects with feeding problems have lower body weight, height, BMI, fold and MUAC (p<0.05 for all parameters). 60% of cerebral palsy subjects had poor nutritional status, feeding problems and the presence of feeding problems significantly affects their growth.

Keywords: cerebral palsy; feeding problem; specific growth charts; gross motor classification system; wasting.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1112-9867