Kinetics analysis of step and jump forward lunge among badminton players

  • A. M. Nadzalan
  • N. I. Mohamad
  • J. F. L. Low
  • K. Tan
  • M. Janep
  • S. Hamzah
Keywords: concentric, eccentric, impact, force, asymmetry


This study was conducted to determine and compare the kinetics during step forward lunge (SFL) and jump forward lunge (JFL) in badminton. Fifteen university badminton players (mean age = 22.07 ± 1.39 years old) were recruited and were assigned to perform SFL and JFL while holding a badminton racquet using their dominant hand. For both dominant and non-dominant leg, all the force variables during JFL were significantly higher compared to SFL. Results also showed that time to peak force and stance time was significantly shorter during SFL compared to JFL. Besides that, all the forces variables were greater in the dominant limb compared to the non-dominant limb. Time to peak force and stance time were also shorter in dominant limb compared to the non-dominant limb. To conclude, coaches and athletes need to be aware of the mechanical demands during both lunge method and the assymetries that exist in terms of force production between both sites of limbs.

Keywords: concentric; eccentric; impact; force; asymmetry.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1112-9867